Rammus build guide: Things to know

Rammus is the latest champion in the League of Legends game. It is one of the easiest jungle champions to use and the 62nd champion in wild Rift. Rammus origin is a mystery to everyone, and he roams in the Shuriman desert. Rammus is a jungle tank with lots of defenses, unparalleled roaming capabilities, and crowd control. Also, he is one of the strongest counters to high DPS auto-attack carries. Rammus is easy to learn, and you can play wild Rift with Rammus. Rammus is a safe pick if you want to play the jungle role. With the Rammus build calculator, you will learn which runes to select, skill order, and items to build. It helps you to improve the chances of winning in the game.

The abilities of Rammus:

Rammus champion is pretty straightforward with decent control and powerful skills. Some of the abilities of Rammus includes the following:

  • Rolling Armordillo (Passive)
  • Powerball (Active)
  • Defensive Ball curl (Passive/Active)
  • Frenzying Taunt (Active)
  • Soaring Slam (Active)

By using the first skill the value is increase. When out of combat, the champion gains bonus movement speed.

Powerballgrants a movement speed bonus to Rammus and is a primary roaming tool. When you collide with minions, the Powerball activates its small hitbox, and so you could hit many enemies with it. If any of your enemies hide, you can use flash over them to hit them.

With the 3rd skill, Rammus reduce his movement speed while gaining bonus armor and magic resistance. At the time, when the enemies attack Rammus they will receive a percentage of the damage back to them.

You will receive an attack speed bonus with Frenzying Taunt as it forces an enemy to attack you. It is essential that you should be very careful while using this ability as you might target the monster.

Runes and Summoner Spells:                   

Rammus is a naturally tanky champion and usually played in the jungle. Choosing the right runes for the gameplay is necessary for additional armor or magic resistance. The aftershock may be the right choice as it deals additional damage to nearby enemies. Also, Hunter-Titan and pathfinder may be the good choice for playing Rift with Rammus. If you want to deal more damage they run smite and flash on him for Summoner spells. Before you begin the game learn more about the abilities of Rammus.Hence, you could create the guide for champion builds using the Rammus build calculator that works on Rammus.

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