Why do people use nicotine pouches instead of cigarettes?

In earlier days people would like to relax themselves hence they have opted to start smoking. It is now discovered that the tobacco which the cigarettes are made up of are harmful for lungs and it impacts the health of the individual if they consume tobacco based cigarettes. Hence most of the people have quit smoking and some people try to quit smoking but it is not easy to quit smoking as people get addicted to it.Once people decide to quit smoking itself is a big challenge. It is difficult to convince people to stop smoking .As they get used to drinking cigarettes daily it becomes impossible for them to accept the fact that cigarettes are injuries and they will have to stop smoking. Even after lot of efforts and convincing them if they agree to quit smoking as it is a habit and they have got used to the tobacco they may not be able to get rid of the habit easily. Keeping such people in mind who may want to get rid of having tobacco there are new products in the market which has been replicated to cigarettes. Now we get white nicotine pouches which are made up of nicotine. Instead of smoking cigarettes people can use nicotine all white pouches. These are now a days getting replaced by cigarettes. As everyone knows that smoking or chewing tobacco is injurious to health they are looking out for alternatives of tobacco.These pouches are easy to use and they can be simply be placed under the upper lip. There is no tension regarding bad breath which used to be a concern while smoking. One more advantage is that the teeth doesn’t turn yellow like it used to happen if people smoke cigarettes. While pouches are available in different flavours which excites and satisfies the users. There are different pouch sizes and textures.

Let’s see the disadvantages of smoking:

  • Smoking is injuries to health
  • It causes lung cancer.There are many people who have died because of smoking and have been diagnosed with lung cancer and have battled for their life.
  • After drinking cigarette the breath stinks and the clothes also have the cigarette smell.
  • Teeth’s turn yellowish when people smoke.
  • For some people lips turn brownish and blackish.
  • More than the person smoking the person who stands beside them have many challenges. The smoke which is exhaled while smoking is harmful. People end up breathing that air and complain regarding the polluted air.
  • In case women smoke it would be a challenge for them in times of pregnancy. Smoking may also lead to miscarriage.


Smoking is harmful. There is another alternative of cigarette. White nicotine pouches are easy to use and are becoming popular all over the world.

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