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Education for quite long has been perceived as a very important tool to develop oneself mentally as well as physically. This development also comes in several aspects. It helps the student develop their characteristics traits and hone their skills. An education that can bring about an all-round development in a human, is said to be a complete education.

Apart from imparting knowledge, it teaches you ethics to lead an ethical life, boosts your confidence by making you knowledgeable, increases your memory and thinking skills, teaches one to lead a disciplined life, develop healthy habits and gives you ample opportunities to explore and gain experience from them. If you want to get such an education, you always have the option to enroll for the IGCSE curriculum, especially the igcse math tutor for mathematics, as it is considered to be a little difficult.

The Steps Ahead

IGCSE is a UK based education standard, primarily in English medium. It was brought in by the Cambridge University International Examinations. Its core subjects include the first language, then comes the second language and finally Mathematics with a Science subject. The offered subjects include

  • English Literature, also World Literature
  • Maths including elementary as well as Additional Mathematics
  • Humanities and social sciences that include History, Geography, Economics, Psychology and Religious Studies
  • Science subjects such as Computer Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Physical Education
  • Business and Accounting such as Accounting, Business and Communications and Business Studies
  • Modern Languages such as French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Mandarin
  • Arts section includes Design and Technology, Art and Design, Drama and Theatre Studies, Music

Igcse math tutor

The SSAT Magic

Similarly, SSAT is one of the most important exams one needs to take to get admission into an independent school. It just checks your basic verbal, reading and math skills. Essays are one mandatory part of this test that is sent for checking. After all, one needs to get familiar with English in a strong way. It is a standard test conducted across the U.S. for admissions into private and boarding schools. Hence, sometimes parents involve a ssat tutor for their children so that they can qualify in the first attempt itself.

There are levels of SSAT program one chooses from. They are

  • Basic level – Designed for the 3rd and 4th-grade students who want to apply for admission into the 4th and 5th grades respectively
  • Middle level – Designed for 5th to 7th-grade students looking for admissions into 6th to 8th grades
  • Upper level – Designed for 8th to 11th-grade students seeking admissions into the 9th grade to the PG level

Parents across the world want a good education for their children. An education that will help in their complete personality development. Hence, it is important to target the best suitable curriculums for education.

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