Why counting kicks of the baby are important

Pregnancy is a time which is bound to churn in the excitement levels. The excitement of the whole process is when you come across the first flutters of your baby inside your stomach. It would start off with something that you really felt to something in the form of painful kicks that is pretty hard to ignore. For a lot of women it works out to be one of the favourite pass times of pregnancy and this is something that they are going to miss once the baby is born. Counting back kicks is a hobby and a lot of doctors have given their thumbs up as well.

As far as counting of kicks are concerned it boils down to the fact on when you really start feeling them. How it is going to hurt you when the baby becomes bigger and the time when your friends along with relatives could feel the movement from outside. But the kicks of the baby are much more important than sharing with your friends or relatives as they have an important say in determining the overall health of your little baby. Why doctors have recommended mothers to count the kicks because it could be a specific condition or a high risk pregnancy as well. For example if a mother is being diagnosed with umbilical cord issues then the risk posed to the baby is on the higher side.

The main reasons why pregnancy kicks are important

With the aid of baby growth pregnancy video you can have an idea about the exact number of kicks. But you need to understand on why they are rated to be important.

It encourages bond between the mother and the baby

For a lot of mothers the general feeling is that the bonding does not start till the baby is in the arms. But the moment you are pregnant you can bond with the baby and this is through the medium of pregnancy kicks. It replicates an ideal situation where your older kids are able to bond with the baby as well. If you count the kicks it does make it a lot real as well.

You get to know your child much better

Babies tend to have waking and sleeping patterns and this could be in relation to counting movements or kicks of the baby. By doing so you will be in a position to figure out what is unique to your child. Coupled with the fact you can gain vital insights about the personality levels of your little one.

It puts a tab on all the medical issues which are confronted

Once you are counting the kicks of the baby for sure you are taking an active role in the development of the child. You can in a much better position to track any issues that could give way to serious form of medical issues in the days to come as well. This pretty much promotes the awareness to count the kicks of the baby.

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