8 Good Reasons to Get a Custom Fence

Custom Fence

A fence, according to Merriam-Webster, is “a barrier meant to prevent escapes or invasion or to mark a boundary.” When it comes to protecting someone, such as a pet, from escaping, keeping an invader out and away from your family, or establishing a border between your land and another, your fence should be precisely to your liking. And what better way to achieve exactly what you want than to hire a bespoke fence builder? In this post, we will cover why you should use a professional fence company to create your bespoke fence. Your fence can be built with stunning designs, weaving, and material combinations.

At fences in san Antonio, we are not only professional contractors, but we also have craftspeople that can translate your ideas into spectacular designs for wood and metal fencing, gates, and entrances.

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One of the most common reasons for erecting a fence is for security. Young children and dogs can be kept close and given boundaries to keep them from running away, harming themselves, or becoming lost. Pools must also have fence; self-closing systems offer a safe border while also providing privacy.


A fence establishes a physical and visual barrier that can help keep visitors out of a property. Whether its kids sneaking into the yard or a deer seeking for meals in the garden, a fence is an excellent method to keep unwanted guests at bay.


When it comes to off-season storage, a fence is a common alternative for added security. Products such as twin drive gates and detachable paneling border slats that can be pulled up and out make it simple to bring a yacht or car into your property.


Some fences serve no purpose other than to beautify the landscape. Even if you choose your fence for solely functional reasons, there are numerous options to alter the style and appearance. Consider a lattice backdrop for a garden or a huge vine-draped fence near a patio. Fences provide a powerful first impression.

Privacy is provided by a customized fence.

Do you wish to improve your home’s and property’s privacy? You can enjoy your home and yard with worry about someone peeping over your shoulder if you use bespoke fences. Using wooden and plastic material for your bespoke fence allows you to block neighbors’ and by-passers’ vision.

Unwanted Noise Buffer

A fence is a vital buffer for people who live near schools, performance venues, restaurants, or have noisy neighbors. For individuals who are concerned about noise, a wood or foam-filled metal fence is an excellent option.

Shield against Unappealing Sights

Sometimes a homeowner simply does not want to view the empty lot, overflowing dumpster, or weird sculpture garden of a neighbor every day. Installing a tall, opaque fence, such as a vinyl privacy fence, can help to hide these unsightly sights from the property.

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