About ECM- Eight constitution medicine

There are several forms of traditional as well as non-traditional medicinal techniques and out of them acupuncture is a popular one. Even acupuncture is having several variants such as Japanese, Korean, chinese and other acupuncture techniques. Broadly it can be classified as constitutional and traditional acupuncture. One popular form of constitutional acupuncture is ECM or 8 constitutional medicine. This branch of medicine was developed in the year 1965 by Dr. Dowon Kuon. Since then it is widely used by medical practitioners globally to treat various ailments.

ECM is a comprehensive system which aims at healing and has been used widely in east asia. As the benefits of ECM and TCM are being understood by more and more people globally, this is becoming one of the fastest growing healthcare modalities. Medical practitioners are now integrating it with the western healthcare system too. It involves consulting a patient which is far more in depth as compared to the basic medical history procedure.

About 8 constitution medicine or ECM:

There are several people that face medical conditions such as getting tired after a meal or allergy to some fragrance, food stuff or medicine. There are others that get angry quite easily while some are calm. The main question that arises out of this observation is that what makes one person different from others. This is because each person has its own unique constitution.

About ECM- Eight constitution medicine

8 constitution medicine practice can be used to treat ailments that cannot be cured by the use of traditional medicinal practice of the west. It is a form of traditional chinese acupuncture and has been derived from some oriental medicines too. Every person has a different constitution based upon his genetics and physiology. Based on the strength and weakness of organs, every human can be classified under one of the eight categories. That is why this technique is termed as 8 constitutional medicine.

These 8 categories are Hepatonia, Gastrotonia, Cholecystonia, Vasecotonia, Pancreotonia, Pulmotonia, Renotonia, and colonotonia. People of each category can be medically treated in the same manner and based on the constitution of the person medicines are determined. If you are born with weak lungs then giving you treatment like a person with strong lungs makes no sense at all.

In this treatment, a specialized pulse taking technique diagnoses the person’s constitution and identifies his weaknesses and strengths. These are determined based on their appearance, organ system, character, shape, personality etc. based on this the person is diagnosed to avoid or eat certain foodstuffs that can heal his body and reduce pain. It helps in restoring the balance of the body. It can cure several chronic ailments if the food regime is properly followed.

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