Chocolate Tart Singapore – Pâtisserie CLÉ’s Chocolate Tart will Melt in Your Mouth

Chocolate Tart Singapore – Pâtisserie CLÉ's Chocolate Tart will Melt in Your Mouth


What other place could you at any point find a smooth and sweet dull chocolate tart with a layer of cognac-mixed caramel and chocolate tart singapore? Remember the rich and fresh outside layer that makes this pastry a must-attempt at Pâtisserie CLÈ. Evaluate this mouth-watering chocolate tart and partake in an eruption of rich flavour.

For those with an Adventurous Palate

chocolate tart singapore

Be cautioned. This sweet is for the bold sense of taste as it were. An unconventional mix of cognac, caramel, and dull chocolate strangely works incredibly together to bring out the lavish and mouth-watering flavour. Each chomp is wonderful as you enjoy the tasteful mix of pleasantness from the boozy caramel and dull chocolate ganache filling and a pungent hint from the tart’s fresh covering.

Browse Pâtisserie CLÉ’s Tart Creations

Their Cognac Caramel Chocolate Tart is only one of the delectable tarts accessible for conveyance in Singapore. You can pick a determination of similarly interesting tarts including their Orh Blanc Tart, Passion Sesame Tart, and Bourdaloue Tart. If you favour a fruity taste, they have their Blueberry Rose Tart, Yogurt Lime Tart, and Strawberry Tart.

If you’re struggling with choosing which tart to attempt, get their Tart Gift Box all things being equal! It incorporates the Cognac Caramel Chocolate Tart and 7 of their other mark tarts.

Should Their things be refrigerated?

Indeed, their cakes and tarts are best delighted in chilled! It is prescribed to keep cakes and tarts refrigerated as they contain new fixings, for example, dairy which should be kept inside 0-4ºC. For the greatest period of usability, kindly don’t leave the items outside for over 1 hour, and DO NOT leave cakes and tarts in a hot vehicle. Treats and chocolate need not be refrigerated yet should be put away in a cool dry climate.

How long might their things at any point be saved?

Their items are best eaten new to guarantee the most extreme quality. They firmly suggest eating their items upon the arrival of conveyance as they were heated on an actual day and contain new fixings like dairy, egg, and organic products.


Need to attempt their Cognac Caramel Chocolate Tart? You can arrange their delicious dull chocolate tart and partake in each tasty chomp. Besides their tarts, they additionally offer different baked goods including cakes and croissants. They convey inside Singapore free of charge with a base acquisition of $100.

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