Different Types of Lettering You Should Know

Lettering or a font is the styles of letters that are used to display the written content. When compared to the handwritten letter, the computer offers many types of lettering to make our work look better. They not only make your letter more attractive but also help the reader to understand it effectively. From the many different types of lettering, here are some of them with detailed information. You can enroll in any of the Skillshare.com courses and classes available to master the skills in lettering.

Gothic Styles: In the Gothic style, the fonts have sharp edges. It is based on Gothic architecture and is suitable for titles and headlines. When it comes to the body of the text, Gothic style may not be that appealing. It has a very decorative style of lettering and is not used frequently. In this style, the letters are very close to each other making it a bit difficult to read.

Serif: In this type of lettering, you will see decorative tails on them. They are often curved and appear in a descending stroke. Serif styles are very easy to read and are widely used in the text body as well. Some of the popular Serif fonts are Baskerville, Bodini, and Times New Roman. This can be sued in the title as well as in the body.

Sans Serif: Unlike Serif, Sans Serif does not have any tails on its letters. They are easy to read and appear in straight lines. Ariel, Courier, and Gill Sans are some of the Serifs that are mostly used. They are very consistent in spacing.

Calligraphy: The calligraphy style is somewhat similar to the Gothic style. In here, the fonts alternately thicken and thin. It has got fewer points with smoother edges. They are basically used for headlines and give an effect similar to a ribbon.

Graffiti: Graffiti may appear like calligraphy or Gothic style of lettering. It comprises of fat and rounded letterings and sometimes it is filled with sharp-edged letterings. It is also performed with a three-D covering.

Block Lettering: In this style of lettering, the fonts appear in capital letters. They are plain and most of the time appears in large fonts. The lettering style is also very straightforward making it perfect for headlining or making titles. The blocky appearance makes the font very easy to read.

Sub-Styles: In all the lettering styles, there are also sub-styles. It refers to give a detailed view of the particular word or set of words. “Italics”, “Bold”, “Cursive”, and “Roundhand” are some of the examples of sub-styles. It is simple and appears slant on letters.

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