How Can A Corporate Wellness Platform Benefit You?

Corporate wellness platform

Corporate wellness refers to programs, policies, benefits, and environmental support designed to improve the health and safety of all employees. Corporate wellness platform offers specific servicesthat are focused on the promotion and maintenance of good health of the employees of a company.These programs are designed to prevent health issues rather than treating them at a later stage. It is a set of activities offered or organized by a company that is managed by different agencies. Wellness is not restricted to the body’s wellness but also consists of the well-being of the mind. Corporate wellness platform provides support for stress, drug abuse, and psychological wellness. The main aim of these activities is to provide health awareness and education and also change bad health practices amongst the employees. There are different components to employee wellness-

  • Stress Management- Activities that are devised to monitor and reduce the stress levels of the employees.
  • Mental Health- Aim at the mental well-being of the individuals.
  • Fitness- various exercises and group activities ha enhance the physical well-being of the employee.
  • Nutrition- Diet tracking and regulation which promotes better eating habits.
  • Work/Life Balance- Balanced work and leave hours including allotment of recreation and nap breaks.

What are the benefits of well-being?

  • Employee well-being is important for the success of an organization.
  • It affects workspace’s culture, resources, and productivity.

What is the role of such plans?

Corporate wellness platform can help employees in various ways-

  • Improving employee health.
  • Reduce serious health problems and the money incurred on health policy claims.
  • These plans help reducing expenditure on health care.
  • Healthy individuals are more productive at the workspace.
  • These programs can also decrease the absenteeism of employees by inducing good health.

Corporate wellness platform

What are the different wellness plans offered?

Different wellness plans that can be opted for are-

  • On-site fitness centers- These on-site centers offer members a swimming pool, a rock-climbing wall, and personal trainers.
  • Smoking cessation programs- Special programs to help employees get rid of smoking.
  • Transit options-Encourage alternative methods of transportation like bike-sharing or transit incentives.
  • Paramedical services.-These include the massage services offered to the employees.
  • Yoga classes- yoga helps in increasing concentration and relieves stress which boosts the employees’ performance.
  • Lunch and healthy snacks- Health and community programs promoting better health of the employees.
  • Employee assistance programs- Providing confidential support to the employees related to stress, drug abuse, etc.
  • Naps- having time allotted for a nap in the office.
  • Wellness challenges- Monthly fitness challenges to promote physical exercise and team play.
  • Wellness adventures.

Employees are first profiled based on their mental and professional conditions and solutions are recommended by the best doctors. These solutions include lifestyle changes and health packages. The health checks are specially designed to suit the different age groups. Special wellness plans are designed as per the requirement of employees and ensure a better health condition of the individual.

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