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How Has The Corona virus Impacted On Airlines Including Nasdaq AAL

The outbreak of corona virus has severely hit many industries including airlines such as Nasdaq AAL at . According to recent researches, the majority of airlines will be bankrupt by the end of May 2020. Moreover, it was also stated that American airlines have already lost $2.2 billion approximately and that too in the first quarter. This has increased the tension as everyone is worried about how much worse it will get in the next quarter.

To prevent severe destruction of the economy as well as the industries, coordinated government action is highly required. The government authorities have to act fast if they want American Airlines to be safe from the catastrophe.

As a direct consequence of an outburst of the corona virus, the government of almost every nation has restricted traveling within the nation or outside it. Moreover, many airlines would have already driven towards bankruptcy and at least a violation of debt covenants. The cash reserves of the majority of the countries are reducing owing to the increased urgency of preventing corona virus from spreading.

Nasdaq AAL

About AAl

American Airlines Group is among many of the American traded airlines that has its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. The company was established on 9 December in the year 2013. It enables air transportation for its passengers and cargo.

American Airlines and the US Airways Group together form one of the largest airlines in the whole world. They together hold an average of more than 6000 flights 350 different locations throughout the globe.

The pandemic’s effect on the airline’s demand

Forward bookings predetermined for a set date are far more than cancellations along with governments discouraging and prohibiting aviation’s role. In addition to this, the demand is also reducing by an unprecedented rate. The pandemic has also made a huge impact on the progress and expansion of airlines such as Nasdaq AAL. Numerous questions have been raising about the industry’s thriving past and worried future.

America just like any other country is expecting a prolonged decline in airline traveling demand. Many people are expecting leisure travel to be an initial rebound that can be mainly driven due to the price drop in travel fares.

There is also a slight fear that as soon as the harshly collapsed airline industry will start to reconstitute itself, numerous other national interests will also rise simultaneously.


The unexpected outburst of the pandemic at such a pace has undoubtedly worried everyone. Especially the aviation industry is much important for international trade and communication. The governments are grappling with numerous health challenges are they require more coordinated actions to be taken.  You can also check trxc at .

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