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How to apply for the ib Singapore?

 Your child’s admission is contingent on their interest in an academic program. There is have a lot of information IB application site for you all to look over, but if you have any questions, please contact the school. You can even call the IB office, or e-mail them which is the most reliable method of communication. Complete the application and return it to the school website. You can send it by mail, email like an attachment, and then even deliver it.

What all to include?

apply for ib singapore

 Make sure you include most of the application’s items required to apply for the ib SingaporeTeacher recommendations, previous grades, test scores, and your student’s write-up are all examples of this.

We always are going to look for classmates who want to have a college preparatory education that is developed, accelerated, and highly academic. It is critical, as parents, that the student wishes to enroll in such a program. Personal motivation is required of the student. The IB program does not have an admission test. They may not have a specific “cut-off” score for standardized test results; instead, we consider the overall impression of all entrance records and, if necessary, a student interview.

Why is it so in demand?

 We provide your student with the opportunity to spend a day with one of our students to learn further about our program and school. This is referred to as “partial shading.” On our website, there are documents related to this. We can schedule this for all day every day with advance notice. When the student shows up, a parent must be prevalent to sign forms.

They will send you an email concerning admissions now all of your documents have been received. You must include an email address on your application, which should be printed clearly. They prefer to communicate with parents via email. You would be added to a mailing list and receive an email if you send appropriate details.

They provide an extremely successful programto apply for ib singapore led by highly qualified teachers. We warmly welcome their student and are confident that he then she will discover that the program’s students form a community of support that fosters lifelong friendships.

The IB is proud of its commitment to providing challenging and unique education programs to elite universities all over the world. This commitment is backed up by the authorization process. As a result of this process, students and parents can rest assured that each IB World School is held to the same high standard, regardless of geographic location.

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