How to get permit for screen rooms

patio enclosures in Galion, OH

In this way, spaces dedicated to relaxation are created- without giving up the pleasant feeling of being outdoors and increasing the living area.

Verandas for balconies and terraces and winter gardens, the advantages

The winter gardens and verandas during the winter months are lockable and unheated environments , the temperature of which naturally remains higher than the outside one, while they can be opened and shaded during the summer. Precisely for this reason, they can be considered as “accumulators” of heat and light during the winter months, collecting energy to be made available to other environments patio enclosures in Galion, OH.

These solutions, if properly designed, therefore have the advantage of reducing energy consumption for lighting and heating -also offering new spaces to carry out different activities. Winter gardens and glass verandas can be used as alternative living rooms, studies or relaxation areas, protected from the cold and atmospheric agents. They also become an ideal place for planting plants and flowers , which are protected during all seasons.

They also become an ideal place for planting plants and flowers , which are protected during all seasons.

The legislation: do you need a permit to build a veranda?

Closing a balcony or porch, transforming it into a veranda or a winter garden, adds volume to the houses and for this reason, before carrying out the work it is necessary to check that there is sufficient residual volume for the construction . However, what can and cannot be done and what permits you need to ask for depends on the combination of different factors, the main one being the type of house you are working on.

If it is  a condominium,  the first thing to do is to check possible indications or prohibitions present in  the condominium regulation  and after which, in studying the project, the decorum must always be guaranteed (and therefore the impact of our intervention on the appearance of the building). entire building) and the safety of the facility. In this case, it is certainly also convenient to obtain a positive feedback in the condominium assembly before starting the work by proposing the project, so as to avoid problems subsequent to the construction of the work.

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