Important Things To Take When You Go For Kayaking

Important Things To Take When You Go For Kayaking

If you go kayaking to the nearby calm river, you will not need a lot of things. But, when you paddle off to a faraway destination, a checklist of all the essentials can come in handy. The list would be dependent on your preferences, abilities, and conditions- so you can add or subtract things accordingly.

We have tried to curate a list that will be helpful when you go on a 2 man kayak for flatwater kayaking. If you are planning for whitewater kayaking adventures, that would need you to have a different set of gear. Now go through the list of essentials below before you plan your next adventure.

Kayak Gear

If you are going for a short, recreational outing on a 2 man kayak then you would need things like,

  • A kayak
  • 2 paddles (one per paddler), and spare p[addles for emergency
  • Bilge pump
  • Own floatation device
  • Headlamps with some extra batteries
  • Spray the skirt if you are kayaking in cold water or cold weather.
  • Dry bags where you can keep all your items
  • Signalling whistle

However, if you are going for extended or overnight trips, then you might need these additional things:

  • Paddle float and paddle night
  • Maps of the area in a waterproof case, and GPS (if you have mobile signals)
  • Compass to determine the directions
  • Float bags
  • Towline
  • Large sponge
  • Emergency flares or strobe

2 man kayak


This should be taken according to the anticipated weather and water conditions. Always dress according to the temperature of the water, or hypothermia can happen at any time. Avoid materials like cotton, which can chill you. Instead, go for fabrics that come with quick drying properties. If you plan to go swimming, do not forget your swimwear and gear.

Personal Items

You should also take all the personal items that you think you will need during the trip. Some common items will include:

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen are a must to protect you from harmful sun rays
  • First aid kit
  • Insect repellent; mosquito repelling cream is a must
  • Water bottle and big enough water reservoir
  • Matches, lighters, etc., in a waterproof case
  • Tent
  • Dry and quick snacking items, like energy bars
  • Do not forget to put your mobile in a waterproof case
  • Little cash and your cards
  • All the necessary permits and licenses
  • Also, ensure to take your trip itinerary

These are the essential things, but you are welcome to customize the list according to your needs and preference. When you are planning for the trip, make a list of all the items that you should take along. Do not forget to take hand sanitisers or biodegradable soaps during the trip, just to be safe and healthy. Also, do not forget your medicines and keep them in a ziplock waterproof bag.

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