Nittaku Table Tennis Rubber – Nittaku Table Tennis Rackets, Rubber, and More for Sale

Nittaku Table Tennis Rubber – Nittaku Table Tennis Rackets, Rubber, and More for Sale


Nittaku, quite possibly of the most seasoned brand on the planet, is a well-known maker of table tennis hardware. Laid out in 1920, the organization has given the authority ball to numerous eminent contests, like the Olympics, World Championships, and European Championships. Look at their assortment of nittaku table tennis rubber, rackets, and more here at Sin Ten Sports Trading. They convey a scope of gear and extras, with pro athletics experts close by to exhort you on which Nittaku item suits you the best.

Nittaku Table Tennis Blades

nittaku table tennis rubber

Get an edge over your rivals with Nittaku table tennis rackets. Nittaku is known for delivering the absolute best edges on the planet, like the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon, Nittaku Violin, and Nittaku Mima Ito Carbon. Not certain which table tennis racket to pick? Drop by their store to counsel their games specialists who have profound information on each Nittaku table tennis cutting edge they convey. Then again, think about perusing their Blog for more data regarding table tennis.

Nittaku Table Tennis Rubber

Proficient table tennis players utilize various kinds of elastic on their oars to get the most ideal exhibition. Nittaku produces a grouping of table tennis rubbers to suit each individual’s requirements. Numerous players, for example, Japanese table tennis stars Mima Ito and Masa taka Morizono use Fast arc rubbers, Nittaku’s lead series. Other Nittaku rubbers utilized by proficient players incorporate Moristo short pimpled rubbers and Nittaku Siegers PK50.

Step Up Your Game with Nittaku Table Tennis Equipment

Table tennis can be played by individuals of any age and expertise level, making it the ideal game for family social occasions or agreeable contests. As the fundamental wholesaler of top table tennis brands, for example, Nittaku, they sell a wide range of table tennis hardware in Singapore. Visit them and get your number one Nittaku bat and elastic today!

About Them

Begun in 1992 by Chia Hwee Ngoh, Sin Ten Sports Trading was previously opened to general society at Golden Mile Complex. Table tennis had been her long-lasting enthusiasm and the business turned into her all-in-one resource to impart it to the remainder of Singapore. With relentless commitment and amicable grins, achievement before long tracked down its direction to their entryways. After 26 years, their image is presently the main provider of Table tennis hardware in Singapore. Since their origin at Golden Mile, they have now forever moved their business to Braddell.

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