Retail Display Tables to Boost Sales

retail display table

All purchases are decided at the point of sale. This is precisely the reason why store owners spend a lot of money for retail displays. They also spend time thinking about how to put their products and showcase them for display. Sprucing up your storefront is essential as this can catch the eyes of consumers. The more enticing it, the more likely they get inside and buy off the products on display.

In order to beautifully set the products and merchandise in the stores, retail display tables are suggested. Retail display tables are also called merchandising tables and have many uses. For starters, this is used as a surface in order to be able to set things on top of it. However, merchandisers see a lot of potentials of incorporating these displays.

Retail display tables

For starters, here are key facts you need to know. For one, there are a lot of retail display table types. These are the tables below:

1.Tiered tables

this is ideal for vertical display. This gives merchandisers the ability to organize more the display. They can sort it in terms of size, color, and even category. This is most especially helpful for shoppers in order to see the connection from one product to the next. This type of display encourages impulse purchase.

2.Nesting tables

this is also popularly called retail sets. Each table is smaller than the previous hence a portion of the table is underneath the larger one. This creates a step illusion. With this cascading design, this is perfect for stacks of apparel display and even home decors. This also goes well with food display too.

3.Round tables

you think round tables are just good as dining sets, but then it’s not. Round tables help create visual interest most especially in stores dominated by rectangular furniture. When a little extra space is needed, roundtables are affordable solutions.

4.Dump tables

this table is ideal for impulse product display. You can use this promotional, and even sale purchases. Dump tables are economical and also easy store. Usually, this has 3-inch high sides that are low enough for easy browsing of the merchandise.


this is not considered a table however because of its flat surface, this is perfect for stacking and displaying a lot of products. There are six different sizes available that you can group together or even use individually. Pedestals are great fixture since this item acts as a focal point.

Considering the many types of retail display tables, it is best to get your ideal display. It is important then to analyze your needs with regards to the product features. You also need to consider the theme of the store and even your customer demographics. As much as possible, your retail display tables must be able to add that oomph factor to entice your consumers to buy the products. You also need to know the layout of the store so you can be able to know what tables work best and what shapes.

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