Singapore Electricity Providers: An Overview of their Services

Singapore Electricity Providers: An Overview of their Services

Electricity providers are companies that purchase wholesale electricity from electricity generators. They would then often sell it to the retail level to the general public for use in businesses and homes. They also work with a local utility company that delivers that power to customers. The singapore electricity providers provide the best service.

Where can one find the best quality Electricity Providers in Singapore?

singapore electricity providers

Keppel Electric is known as the best electricity provider in Singapore. They carry pride in calling themselves Singapore’s first homegrown electricity retailer with over 20 years of experience in powering Singapore’s electricity grid.

It is a leading electricity retailer with one of the most significant power generation market shares. It caps electric providers’ reliable electricity supply to multinational companies, government bodies, and small and medium-sized enterprises.

They are well known for providing high-quality and efficient service and have extended the same experience to 150,000 residential customers after the launch of the open electricity market in April 2018.

How did Kappel Electrics Progress through the years?

Its progress could be seen through the following years’ works-

  • 2018: Watts Up- In April 2018, Keppel first welcomed its pioneer residential customers at the soft launch of the Open Electricity Market (OEM) in Jurong. The OEM was rolled out nationwide to all households to join the electric capital family.
  • 2019: Life’s Brighter- In 2019, Keppel put its center at Keppel Bay Tower with an official donation and opened in July 2019 to meet the people’s needs and to provide them with greater customer satisfaction.
  • 2020: Stronger Together- Over the years, the community grew stronger together. Their motto, “Life just Got Brighter, “ shined through their commitment to giving back to the community. On 8th February 2020, the Keppel team volunteered to help with the opening ceremony of food from heart, Singapore’s first community at Mountbatten. They supported the meaningful initiative, where many people donated 1000 packets of rice to spread the love through their Facebook page and encourage their customers to participate in a donation drive.
  • 2021: A Sustainable Future- Along with Singapore’s initiative to move toward a sustainable future, Keppel Electric launched its first green plan for household customers to reduce carbon footprint through electricity consumption. They also achieved an exciting milestone with an extensive revamp of their various touch points.

They have got three attributes, namely-

  • Principled
  • Visionary
  • Empathy

From the significant facelift of the website to a brand new mobile phone application, they are committed to constantly enhancing their customers’ experience.

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