The Basics of BBC Typing Level 2

With the relevance of computers increasing in every filed it is increasingly becoming important to acquire typing skills. It is always necessary that one must acquire the knowledge using correct techniques to work hassle free in the longer run. Learning the correct techniques of typing is important as it has many advantages like they increase your accuracy and speed. Since one does not have to look at the key board for every stroke hence the speed increases. Now since there is a relative increase of speed in typing it saves you on time as well. The same amount of work is completed at a faster pace. Now to have such efficiency in typing it is very important to lay the foundation at a much younger age since the reflexes and learning capacity is quiet good. For the purpose there are various programs like bbc dance mat typing for kids that helps the start mastering the skill of typing at a very young age. It includes 4 levels with level one being the basic where foundations are laid. The bbc typing level 2 will take it up further from using the home keys. In the article below we will discuss more about the level 2.

The level starts with the introduction of another animal guide called the Hippo and a few other animated characters. These characters guide the users through the levels by boosting their confidence and encouraging them to complete the tasks. The lessons in this stage start with a warm up session from the previous stages to ensure that you are well versed with the home row keys, space bar, the letters e, i, r and u. Once done with this level 2 introduces two new letters T and Y tone used along with F,G,R and J,H,Y. At this level the pointer finger is used to type the requisite letters. As discussed above there are other animated characters in the level which popup like came and mouse who give you tips to perfect your skills. The next stage in the bbc typing level 2 will introduce you to the letters W and O which require the usage of right and left ring fingers respectively. The initial exercises in the level are designed such that one gets accustomed to using the left ring finger after which exercises with the right ring finger are given. After these are comprehensive tests that one has to undergo to track the performance. They can start their lesson from exactly where they left off the previous time they attended this course. When you complete a stage, you can practice what you have learnt.

The next stage in the level will have introduction to the letters Q and P but prior to this there are certain warm up excursuses that need to be taken. Once you brush up the previous techniques and letters it becomes easier to handle Q and P. Both the little fingers or as the kids call them pinky fingers are used to master the letters. There is a flamingo dance and music after you successfully finish the level as a part of appreciation for your accomplishment.

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