The LoL Boosting That is Offered By Boosteria

There are various options of cheap LoL boosting offers by Boosteria. Boosteria is working only with Diamond 1, Master or Challenger boosters. Boosteria completes orders with high speed and quality.

What Is LoL Boost And Elo Boosting?

LoL Boost is a series of services allowing the players to level up or climb in rank very fast. Some of the services are required to lend your account to a professional booster who will win a lot of matches for you, so is your level and/or your rank. You can play with a professional player to other types of services and these services have the double advantage of boosting your account but also coaching you to become a better player. While Elo boosting is concerned specifically with ranked games. The system that determines how skilled you are compared to one another player is what Elo is. You will gain more Elo if you win more games against tougher opponents. Elo boosting will put you up against some of the toughest player in LoL and make you climb ranks faster.

LoL boosting offers by Boosteria

Choosing A Booster

You can choose any available LoL booster that you like. The booster that has been chosen gets an additional payout for such order. And the status description is:

  • Free – when he appears online on the website, the booster is available to start working on your order.
  • On order – the booster is currently on order. You will have to wait until he finishes it if you choose him but you will be able to chat with him.
  • Busy – the lineup to the booster is full although the booster is already on order or booster decided to disable queue to him and you can’t choose him.
  • Not working – the booster disabled customers ability to choose him as a booster.

The Favorite Champion

Choose champions that booster will use in his games on your account and this option will provide you the ability to emphasize positions.

  1. To set the priority of positions – click them on a priority order. You can mark your booster positions 1 and 2 by clicking on them if you want your booster stick to top lane and jungle.
  2. You can choose champions for each role after prioritising positions and also you can choose at least 3 champions for each position. Please make sure that you have these champions on your account. Booster won’t be always successful in getting positions you specified due to chaotical nature of the solo queue booster but as much as possible the booster will try to play on these positions.
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