Things to Consider When Looking For Vulvar Moisturizer

Moisturizer on arms and legs keeps your skin feeling very soft, moisturizer on feet and hands keeps cracking skin away and moisturizer on the face scares away dreaded wrinkles. There’re a lot of benefits of moisturizing, but I will bet there is another part of the body that needs extra moisture that you are neglecting—it is your vagina. You need to look for hidratante vulvar y natural.

Thin and dry vaginal or vulvar tissues affect around 40 percent of the postmenopausal women. However, it is not only midlife and older women that mainly suffer from the vaginal dryness. There’re many other circumstances that will reduce the natural lubrication among any woman like having baby, taking hormonal contraception, nursing, cancer or radiation therapy, and medications like decongestants or anti-histamines.

Importance of Vaginal Moisturizers

Think of vaginal moisturizer like facial moisturizer that can be applied on your genital region. You apply this regularly to treat discomfort and dryness. Make sure to use natural vaginal moisturizers before having sex, but they do not replace a lube.

hidratante vulvar y natural

Vaginal moisturizers will help make your vaginal tissue healthier. Most of the vaginal moisturizing lube products are totally safe to use inside and outside the vagina, too. However, make sure you read instructions proper and inquire with your healthcare provider in case you are not very sure. Use moisturizers that are formulated only for your genital area. When used regularly, this moisturizer will help with:


Changes in the hormones that are caused by menopause will lead to the vulvar dryness. Natural decrease in the estrogen level causes such discomfort for a lot of women. Actually, recent study has found that around 30 – 50% of the postmenopausal women undergo vulvar dryness. But, the best part is, there is a simple way to moisturize your private area.

Go for quality ingredients

The right vaginal moisturizers make use of expert approved ingredients, such as bioadhesives, hyaluronic acid, and natural oils and other extracts.


It is very important to select products that are flavoring-free and fragrance-free. Though these products will be very tempting, they are likely to cause you irritation.

Complete self care

Once you think of challenges that vulvas go through in a lifetime –hormonal changes, menstrual periods, childbirth, grooming– it just makes sense they truly deserve to get pampered just like your other parts.

Add in daily activities like prolonged sitting at desk and participating in the rigorous sports or sexual activities that can cause chafing, pain, and irritation, adding feminine self-care daily ritual becomes very important.

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