Things To Consider While Voucher Management System

Using the voucher management system (VMS), you can manage the whole lifespan of recharge vouchers, from product management and development through PIN generation, distribution, and eventual redemption of the recharge coupons. As a market-sensitive and user-centric offering, it covers all aspects of prepaid account recharges, from electronic vouchers to print vouchers, and delivers a complete solution (scratch cards).

How does it all work?

May use VMS to handle the whole lifecycle of vouchers for prepaid payment for Service Providers like telecom carriers. An administrator may take several voucher kinds and goods concurrently and specify the currency and value for the coupons. Scratch cards and electronic vouchers may be using the system’s robust, dependable capabilities.

Why is a voucher management system necessary for your business?

Using VMS, businesses may quickly and easily produce vouchers that meet their specific needs at a low cost. It can efficiently manage real and virtual coupons while streamlining the often-complicated supply chain distribution procedures.

It allows the Service Provider to remain on top of his competitive game by supporting the production and administration of numerous products according to the business needs of the Service Provider. Using a voucher management system, a service provider may increase market share and average revenue per user.

voucher management system

For whom is the voucher management system designed?

  • Operators of mobile networks
  • Customers & Suppliers
  • Franchises and Resellers
  • Providers of prepaid services
  • What We Do For You
  • VoIP or Internet Service Providers

It is used for the following purposes:

  • Products and designations may be defined or created
  • May generate recharge coupon codes
  • Manage your printers (Voucher printing)
  • Distribute the promo codes you know
  • Should keep the coupons track of
  • Replenish your gift cards

For physical vouchers, a PIN (also known as a redeemable voucher code) is the most common form of the redeemable voucher code on a coupon. A scratch card is a voucher that requires the user to scratch the card to expose the redemption code.

Mobile operators popularised Voucher codes have a more comprehensive range of applications than only mobile recharging. Other uses for vouchers include:

  • Recharges for prepaid tv
  • Coupons and discount codes that may use
  • In charge of printing suppliers (Voucher printing)
  • Code for a discount
  • Refilling a prepaid power bill
  • Gift certificates for games
  • Lottery
  • Assistance to those in need

 Voucher Management System is a platform/solution that Mobile Network Operators use to produce and manage the end-to-end life cycle of voucher recharge codes used to recharge mobile phones.

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