Top Sports That Increase Your Risks Of Slipping A Disc

Top Sports That Increase Your Risks Of Slipping A Disc

Sports help people in more than just one way. It helps keep their fitness levels high, improve their mental health and infuse life skills that prove fruitful in their entire life. A sportsperson learns teamwork, dedication and concentration through the game he plays, which helps him in his personal and professional life.

There are countless perks of indulging in a sports activity, but along with that, you will have a fear of getting injuries. Accidental falls, collisions or improper postures can cause ailments that can be as severe as putting the person in bed for years. Thus, it is apt to find a specialist for sports massage Worthing who can help keep muscle soreness and other sports-related ailments at bay! The expert you choose will suggest a few exercises and plan your treatment considering the sport you play and the level of your involvement in it.

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Top Sports That Increase The Risk Of Slip Disc

The most common issue that a sportsperson face is slip disc. It can happen in a blink of an eye but can cause damaging effects on your sports career and life in general. You should learn about the sports that can cause this ailment and take the necessary precautions.


It is a game that expects you to be agile and on your toes throughout the game. You would have to kick the ball, run and defend the goal, which will take a lot of physical effort. In all this, your body will experience more pressure. So, there are chances of lower back issues.


Two people are involved in boxing. They have direct contact with each other. Moreover, the sport involves collisions with considerable force that your body will have to withstand that can impact your lower back. Boxers are more likely to get a slipped disk if their opponent hits on the lower back and they fall to the ground.


Hockey, just like football involves rapid body movements, agility and direct contact with other people. There are chances of getting hit by hockey sticks, or falls may happen while running across the field. Thus, hockey also falls in the category of top sports that can cause severe lower back issues like slipped discs.


Gymnastics is all about postures and body movements. A gymnast moves his body in multiple angles, and a single body movement going wrong can cause severe slipped disc issues. The injury can be as disastrous as putting you in bed for months or something that a proficient expert for sports massage Worthing can treat.

These are the top sports with higher chances of getting slipped discs or other lower back ailments. Apart from this, sports involving working in a team or opposite someone also fall under this category.

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