Traditional sauces from Italy

Think sauce- and you have barilla in mind. The Italian based company is the leader in pasta and sauce from 1877. Since then, they have been into the production of pasta, sauces, bread, biscuits and other products and distributing it around the world. They also have their branches in the United States of America and Brazil. The industrialization during that period paved the way for many new reforms and practices in the food sector.

What is Barilla sauce?

Barilla has created a brand named Pesto that distributes sauces. It is basically made of garlic, Genovese basil, coarse salt and olive oil, European pine nuts and other ingredients. This is considered to be the traditional recipe followed in Italy for many years. With the advancement and many improvements in the technology and new-age cooking styles, there has been much added to the dish matching with the new taste of people.

Traditional sauces from Italy

The pesto sauce delivers many kinds of flavors and it brings in a fresh twist in the taste of the dishes it is added to. It is best complemented with Pasta, Sandwiches, pizza, spaghetti, chicken and many others. They use only high quality and rich ingredients in the sauces. It is made up of 100% Italian basil and cheese that are rich in protein and fiber. The recipes are made available even on the internet. The classic Genovese, creamy ricotta & arugula, sun-dried tomato, and rusty basil sauce are some of the frequently recommended recipes. They are made of creamy texture and a mild twist in the flavor. It is best matched with pasta, spread on pizza and sandwiches or simply as a dip in any of the dishes. These are made with 100% pure Italian basil and they are tested with the food safety department. There are also regionally inspired sauces such as fire-roasted, marinara, roasted garlic, savory, basil, traditional and rosa. The main ingredient in these kinds is are tomatoes. These items are brought from various places but they are originally based out of Italy.

Barilla focuses on building a relationship with people through food. Their passion and commitment towards upbringing a safe and healthy world is followed by many other companies of the same nature. They have been a pioneer in the development of pasta and sauces. Today, there is no place that does not have the recipe for these traditional dishes that have been the cultural giant for many centuries.

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