Why should you always opt for professional eyelash extension removal Singapore?

Why should you always opt for professional eyelash extension removal Singapore?

Eyelash extensions look very pretty. They accentuate the eyes and make them look more beautiful than they already are. But, they also need replacing. This happens if they are poorly applied initially, or with prolonged use, they have become annoying, or they look untidy. If this occurs, then getting an eyelash extension removal Singapore is the perfect solution. After the deduction, you can opt for new extensions to be put in.

Where can you get the extensions removed?

eyelash extension removal singapore

Although many videos and tutorials are available on the internet that suggests different ways of removing these eyelash extensions at home, they are not safe. They often are unsuccessful or partially successful and sometimes may even cause damage to our natural eyelashes, which will then require more time and money to be invested. These methods may also turn out to be dangerous and may hurt your eye and cause injuries. The best practice is to visit an eyelash salon and get the eyelash extension removal singapore done professionally.

How do professionals remove eyelash extensions?

The professionals use four main things that are crucial for easy and safe removal of the eyelashes. These include:

  • Gel cushions for under the eyes
  • Earbuds or Q-tips
  • Timer
  • Eyelash extension removal glue

These extension removal glues are available in two types, a gel-based version and a cream-based one. The cream-based remover is considered safer as it can sit on the lashes for a prolonged time without turning watery, preventing it from flowing into the eyes. The gel ones do stay on the lashes, but after a certain period, they may change into a watery consistency that harms the eyes.

Why is it not safe to use these professional eyelash extension removal glues on oneself?

A few reasons cause people to steer away from at-home removal. Those include:

  • They can be challenging:Keeping one eye open while the other completely shut to facilitate the removal can be difficult. The closed eye may flutter more than once; this increases the chances of getting the glue remover into the eye, which can be very dangerous.
  • You need to be laying down:While performing the removal, you need to be laid down on your back so that the remover can stay on your lashes without slipping and rolling down. So, unless you set up an extensive system that has mirrors directly above you to look at your reflection while laying, it will be hard to navigate what you are working with and your progress.
  • The removers are chemical-based:The professional gel removers have a high amount of chemicals, which allows them to dissolve the eyelash glue. They can be left on the eye only for a certain amount of time, and even the slightest extension of the time could lead to unwanted mishaps.

Hence, visiting an eyelash salon to get the eyelashes removed professionally is the best idea. If you must do it home, find a reliable friend and educate yourself on it before trying anything.

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