Women’s Health Physiotherapist Provides Guidance Throughout the Pregnancy

Women's Health Physiotherapist Provides Guidance Throughout the Pregnancy

Women’s Health physiotherapy is the obstetrics and gynecology field that deals with women’s pregnancy care. The scope of practice has been expanded to include all female health issues across their entire lives. Highly qualified specialists can treat continuous pelvic discomfort, help recover after gynecological or breast surgery, and deal with prenatal and postnatal musculoskeletal pain, prolapse, and osteoporosis. The skilled womens health physiotherapist at Women & Children Centre assist women of all ages who have been injured or are disabled.

Pregnant women can receive prenatal, postnatal, and prolapse physiotherapy from a women’s health physiotherapist during and after their pregnancy.

Why Does a Pregnant Woman Need a Physiotherapist?

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Physiotherapy Before Birth:

Women health physiotherapists provide physiotherapy services to pregnant women as part of prenatal physiotherapy.

  • Childbirth preparation, such as classes on labor and delivery, breathing exercises, and stretches for easy delivery.
  • How to work out comfortably while pregnant by performing calming exercises like yoga and Pilates. Physiotherapists who focus on women’s health can also advise them on whether they should stop working out while pregnant and how to exercise during each trimester.
  • Using pelvic floor muscle strengthening and posture corrections to treat pelvic girdle pain.

Physiotherapy After Delivery:

The following physiotherapy procedures are included in postnatal physical therapy for women.

  • physiotherapist performs Rectus diastasis (abdominal separating) surgery to repair the abdominal wall and enhance post-pregnancy core engagement.
  • helps pregnant women Regain power in the pelvic floor and to get back into shape after giving birth to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • they perform Caesarean scar therapy and connective tissue therapy to aid women in their recovery following a C-section delivery.

Women’s Physiotherapists who are specialized in women’s health can assist women who are prolapsing in the following ways.

  • Fitting vaginally placed pessaries, which support your pelvic floor. With the physiotherapist’s guidance, women can insert and remove pessaries by themself because they are removable.
  • Recommendations for supplements to increase Oestrogen levels and restore hormone balance.

You can visit a women’s physiotherapist to get help with a few of the most typical conditions, such as Exercises that help with relaxation and awareness during the separation of the abdomen because of pregnancy, strengthening the pelvic floor both during and after pregnancy, worries about bone density caused by menopause.

Physiotherapy for women’s health is a non-surgical treatment used to treat women’s health issues. In addition to supporting pregnancy and delivery, women’s health physiotherapist addresses various issues. Due to hormones, anatomical differences, pregnancy, and childbirth, women need guidance regarding physical activity, flexibility, and managing physical aches and pains.

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