England & GB Hockey announce partnership with Merchant Gourmet

Men’s and women’s hockey teams look set to benefit from a three-year sponsorship deal following the announcement that England & GB Hockey have entered an arrangement with Merchant Gourmet.

Healthy eating in sport

The market-leading brand of pulses, grains and nuts is well-placed to act as a main sponsor with its focus on healthy eating combined with playing sport. The deal will see Merchant Gourmet supplying team members with nutrition-rich foods from its range of healthy snacks to energise their training, like participating in hockey drill videos, and competitive games.

Audience gain

The sponsorship complements the brand as partners of this summer’s Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup in London. This 2018 event will also see the healthy eating promoter selling wholesome fare to hockey-loving audiences from all over the world.

Merchant Gourmet is also featuring the team’s captain, Alex Danson, in a campaign that highlights the importance of healthy eating and sport.

The right balance

As part of the sponsorship, Merchant Gourmet will also develop a series of menus and recipes that will ensure top hockey athletes eat a balanced and healthy diet to complement their rigorous training plans. The aim is simple. Whether you’re an elite hockey player who trains regularly on the pitch or via video drills like those available at https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Hockey/ or you’re an avid fan, you can benefit from adopting healthy and sensible eating choices. Top nutrition tips for hockey players are all part of a winning strategy.

A positive partnership

Team members at England & GB Hockey have historically been fans of the Merchant Gourmet brand, so the partnership is being viewed as a natural progression for the team, coaches and captain. It is hoped that the sponsorship deal will bring healthy eating and leading an active lifestyle to the forefront. It is well-documented that athletes at the top of their game require the very best in nutrition to ensure they can perform at the very highest level.

Eat like an athlete

We may not all be sporting heroes, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle with the right foods and proper exercise is something that we can all aim for in our quest for optimal health. Thankfully, there’s plenty of material online from the sporting elite on daily diets, nutrition tips and fitness secrets.

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