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MetaTrader4 is also known as MT4, a trusted and popular trading platform globally. It was developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp in 2005 and became the best standard in online forex trading. Over the years, the stockbroker offers MT4 to their client as the exchange to their buying trading platforms.

The metatrader provides an excellent analytical capability, multiple devices, and automatic trading operations. Besides, the system on this platform is a friendly-use interface to provide suitable opportunities to traders.


What offers of FXGiants trading platform to MT4?

The FXGiants is a Personal Multi-Account Manager (PMAM) software together with their efficiency to manage the MT4 accounts. Although, it was implemented for the multiple trading strategy because of its trusted Expert Advisors (EAs). By managing some portfolios that has never been easier, but along with the combination of FXGiants platform it is now accessible and trouble-free.

Trade Worldwide

What is the payment system?

The metatrader platform supports the e-payments system. It is an electronic payment system to provide you with a very convenient and secure e-wallet. The ePayment users can pay for trading robots, indicators, and trading subscriptions to use their favorite method. These are the ePayments has joined the following such as:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • Skrill Neteller
  • China UnionPay
  • BitCoin

Why connect trading to FXGiants?

  • To improve the trading account to FXGiants Free MT4 VPS or the Virtual Private Server, will serve you the highest of traders. You can access the platform anywhere to connect immediately to a trading network.
  • The FXGiants FreeMT4 is fast execution to trade from your personal computer. The speed is consistent in any location, accessibility and Nothing to worry about of poor internet connectivity. Indeed, FXGiants VPS is the best solution because of its optical fiber connectivity and much more such as:
    • Ideal for Emergency Alert Systems
    • 24/5 Automated Trading
    • Optical Connectivity In Speed
    • Fast Recovery If The Lost Data
    • Automatic Electronic Payments



What is the trading commission on account of FXGiants?

FXGiants offers range of flexible trading accounts for beginners and experienced such as:

  • Live Floating Spread – You can have 1 point or more of commission for floating spread.
  • Live Fixed Spread – You can have 1.2 pips or more and a free account of fixed spread.
  • STP/ECN No Commissions – You will have the STP/ECN account of 1.7 pips with a floating spread account.
  • STP/ECN Zero Spread – STP/ECN account with commission of $3.75 per lot.
  • STP/ECN Absolute Zero – STP/ECn account w/o commission with 0.2pips of floating spread.
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