Anavar Side Effects – A knowhow

Anavar is one of the steroids which is popular for its minimal side effects. In the majority of the cases, users do not experience any side effects from Anavar. Even in some cases, they result in side effects the effects are really mild and negligible. Among this one common side effect is oily skin from taking Anavar.

There are cases of adverse reactions as well by using Anavar. But the good thing is Anavar’s positive effects always outweigh the negative ones. Before using this steroid one must understand it clearly. Anavar is nothing but the hormone Oxandrolone.

The main issues which result from using Anavar are virilization and suppression of testosterone. But even these can be avoided by using Anavar safely as per recommendations.

Anavar Side Effects:

One important thing that the user should understand is Anavar is derived from DHT. So, it is understood that the side effects caused by Anavar will resemble that caused by anabolic androgenic steroids which are also derived from DHT.

One among the side effects which is most annoying is skin breaking in people who are suffering from acne. In some cases, the user may start experiencing this acne on their shoulders and back as well. Later these may spread even to their chest and to the face in extreme cases. Along with this oily skin from taking Anavar is the other common side effect.

To avoid skin related issues user must always keep their skin dry and clean as much as possible. They must change their clothes often and take shower. This will help to control acne. An extra shower may be required for people who are suffering from saviour acne.

Along with all these, there is one more side effect caused by Anavar which is purely based on the genetics. DHT has a negative effect on hair follicles. So, Anavar users may experience deteriorations and that leads to hair loss.

But the good thing is this negative effect is mostly seen in men who are already suffering from male pattern baldness. DHT will increase the hair loss for those who are genetically programmed for hair loss. For this issue there is a simple precaution that one can go for is using 5- alpha-reeducates inhibitor which we called as Finasteride. This is usually found in the brand names proscar and propecia.

Even though Finasteride helps in improvement of the hairline, one must use this safely since it is an androgen suppressor. The most important thing to remember is one need not be worried about hair loss using Anavar if they are not genetically programmed for hair loss.

Anavar Side Effects for Women:

The most worrisome negative effect caused by Anavar in women is virilization. This results in masculine traits in female users. But is they use the Anavar responsible, then this can be easily avoided. If the user takes overdose then it will result in virilization and even then there is the remedy for this negative effect.

When women user starts experiencing negative effects, the first thing they must do is stop taking the dose. In the majority of the cases, once the dose is stopped, the negative effects will disappear. If in case the user neglects the symptoms of virilization and continues to take the Anavar dose, then they may have suffered from masculine traits permanently.


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