Industrial-style kitchens: a trend between aesthetics and functionality

Performing, functional and with a strong personality. Today we are talking about industrial style kitchens . A very popular type of kitchen, because it is able to combine a very trendy design with the high performance of professional kitchens commissary kitchen.

The aspects that define the industrial style

From metropolitan lofts, the industrial style has extended over time to other types of housing. To characterize this trend are first of all the materials, which must be natural, rough (in English “rough”) and with a worn look (wood and metal, first of all) dark kitchen ideas. The preferred colors are the strongest ones, such as black and all shades of gray. The furnishings and accessories are mainly recovered or with a “lived-in” look. But above all, the main rules are the total absence of frills and the tendency to show what is not normally visible.

What characterizes industrial style kitchens

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that best lends itself to the industrial style. The kitchens in industrial style are usually open kitchens with island or peninsula, characterized by clean lines and materials with a strong character. First of all, stainless steel. Yes, stainless steel is one of the favorite materials in industrial-style kitchens. A material that can be chosen only for some elements, usually the hood, the washing or cooking area, or used to design the whole kitchen.


The stainless steel industrial kitchen are a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. In fact, stainless steel is the same material used to make professional kitchens. Therefore they have an aesthetic dictated mainly by the function. The kitchens of professional origin are therefore characterized by a timeless, vaguely retro and decidedly “rough” design.

But let’s see in detail what are the characteristics of an industrial style kitchen

Steel, lots of steel

As we said, stainless steel is one of the protagonists of industrial style kitchens . Metal – steel, but also iron, cast iron, aluminum and copper – is in fact one of the most used materials in industrial buildings from which this style originated.

It does not matter whether it is polished, orbited or brushed, steel is always and in any case the most suitable material not only for industrial kitchens , but for all kitchens in general. Not only because it gives the environment a strong and decisive character, but also because it is antibacterial, easy to clean and extremely resistant to shocks, corrosion and high temperatures. For this reason, the favorite material of professional chefs, both in their restaurants and in their homes.

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