How to minimize stress and injury with your travel list

Holidays should be a moment of pleasure, not stress and trauma. However, I know that I was on many holidays that fell into the last category.

Having spent incredibly little time creating a StayPromo Disney World checklist; You can overcome injuries and relieve the stress of your vacation, whether you travel the world or go on weekends.

Stress reduction

Avoid forgetting these important items.

There is nothing worse than forgetting to pack something. Why do you think you get such an annoying feeling when you leave home to go to the airport? He wants to make sure that he has everything.

Now I will not lie, if I do not forget your wallet or passport, you can avoid buying additional things upon arrival at your destination; You can also rent them.

The problem is that, as a rule, you will have to spend hard-earned money to buy or hire things that you already had! How stupid is that? Also, depending on where you go, prices can be much more expensive. In addition, product quality can be much worse. The last thing he wants to do is annoy himself by forgetting about important equipment.

By accepting the packing list, you will think a lot about what you are doing, and you will know exactly what you should do.

How to minimize stress and injury with your travel list

Speed ​​up packing time.

Imagine the following scenario: you just spent the best night of your life dancing in Rio de Janeiro, you may have met the girl / boy of your dreams, and now you need to hurry up the next morning to go home.

Being late for a flight can be one of the most stressful experiences: running a taxi, bus or train will make you nervous, and having to buy a plane ticket again will make you angry.

You can reduce the packaging time by 50% if you have the packaging checklist at hand, plus you absolutely do not need to carry out the last cleaning of the room or apartment, you already know what wine you brought, and therefore you know exactly what to take with you home.

Injury reduction

Losing weight will reduce injuries.

The number one problem when preparing for a vacation is too many things. Have you ever tried to drag a heavy suitcase along the beach to take a taxi or carry a backpack overloaded with a steep hill? Let me tell you that you will curse those unused heavy objects that you packed. Weightlifting is the main cause of back pain.

Having a travel checklist will make you think about what you can do before you go on vacation. Do you really need heavy hiking boots for a beach holiday? Do you need a set of equipment for relaxing in the city? You can significantly reduce the likelihood of injury by reducing the weight you carry.

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