Know about the post-renovation cleaning services in Singapore

Know about the post-renovation cleaning services in Singapore

The safety and satisfaction of their clientele depending on the quality of your construction work. However, regardless of how well-designed or constructed your new project is, construction dust can create a terrible first impression. This is where post renovation cleaning services Singapore may help.

Stratus Building Solutions offers a variety of construction cleaning services as well as commercial company cleaning services around the country to fit the specific needs of your project. After you’ve worked hard to bring their project to life, let the team make the last steps as simple as possible. No project is too small for anyone. Contact us to get started on a personalized cleaning schedule. Polishing Fixtures, Vents, and Lighting Polishing Doors & Frames are just a few of our exceptional services.

Other services that are offered include-

  • Window Cleaning & Polishing
  • Cleaning the Baseboards and Walls
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Ceramic tile needs to be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Extraction of Tile Grout
  • Sealing Ceramic Tiles
  • Entrances that have been power washed

Our staff takes pride in their work and all their jobs. We offer a wide selection of construction clean-up services and ensure that all of the solutions we use are as safe, effective, and environmentally friendly as possible. Our employees take pride in the work they do on every project we take on. In addition to providing various construction clean-up services, we ensure that all the solutions we utilize are as safe, dependable, and environmentally friendly as possible. No hazardous chemicals or odors are left behind when you use these construction cleaning services. So, even if you’re on a tight deadline to open your new store, office, or restaurant, you and your customers can still benefit.

We would gladly accommodate your schedule if you only need a single post-construction clean-up or more standard commercial janitorial service. Get ready to recover their Saturdays and stop making unnecessary journeys to the hardware shop. They have the knowledge, tools, and experience to execute any project, including carpentry, painting, staining, assembling home furnishings, installing doors, and more. You should call them when there is any problem.

So, you and your clients may relax even if you’re on a tight timeline to open their new store, office, or restaurant. We are happy to work around your schedule if you need just one post-construction cleanup or more standard commercial janitorial service.

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