The Significance of New Year Celebration in Sweden

New Year Celebration in Sweden

New Year day doesn’t need much introduction. It is simply the first day of the year and is worthy of celebration. People use the opportunity to celebrate being alive after long through the un certainties of the previous year and also celebrate in anticipation of the new things to happen in the new year they are about to begin.  The celebration is worth it with different individuals having their own unique ways of expressing their gratitude to the Creator for the opportunity to see another New Year day. This is one day people love to celebrate n Sweden. In fact the celebration is usually bigger than that of any other holiday in the country, meaning that Nyårsdagen is most appreciated by the people across the country since it gives them the opportunity to fellowship with loved ones.

When is it celebrated?

New Year day is the first day on the calendar. While there are so many types of calendars out there today, the calendar mostly used is the Gregorian calendar. Some other people and religions adopt different calendars, but even they acknowledge the Nyårsdagen as dictated by the Gregorian calendar.  The New Year day celebration usually starts from the 31st of December according to the Gregorian calendar and extend to the first day of the New Year, which is the 1st of January. The government always make the New Year day a public holiday, giving the people an opportunity to celebrate without worries or burdens of work. The New Year day celebration s not limited to Sweden. It is a global thing. This means that the public holiday that accompanies it is also global. Consequently, your friends and loved ones from across the globe can travel for the celebration.


How do people celebrate?

The New Year day celebration can take different shapes, depending on the individual. You are free to adopt your own style of celebrating the special occasion. Generally, people start the celebration on 31st of December of the outgoing year and go to church in the evening. Then by midnight, the impressive fireworks take the centre stage and can last for about 5 minutes. After the fireworks, the exciting celebrations that can last the entire day will begin.

People also use the opportunity to make New Year resolutions, declaring the way things they will Iike to start doing henceforth. The idea of the New Year resolutions on New Year day started as far back as the Vikings Age and still remains relevant today. Strive to keep to your resolutions after declaring them.

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